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I’ve quit my job and moving to London!


I did it! I’ve decided to quit my job, travel for 2 years and I’m moving to London, UK!

I am so relieved to be able to finally say that publicly and out loud! I’m moving to London! It’s been such an emotional few months keeping this crazy news a secret from everyone. I am beyond the moon excited about this next great adventure I’m about to embark with my best friend, J.

Tough Decisions.

This decision does not come easy for J and I for several reasons

  1. It was financially tough because we bought a new pre-construction home last summer and had all intention to save every penny we earned this year, so I know it sounds absolutely insane that we decided to move to a more expensive city than ours now.
  2. It was mentally tough because we had an extremely tight timeline from the moment I was approved for the visa we did not have much time to wrap up our lives here in Toronto. This included quitting our jobs, selling most of our things and moving out. On top of that, we decided to plan a 5 week long trip to South East Asia (eeeee!! stay tuned for more about that!).
  3. Lastly, it was emotionally tough because it meant that I would be leaving family and friends behind for a couple of years. It was the hardest reason I needed to cope with in the last few weeks. But I am surrounded by an amazing support system. It’s also comforting to know I won’t be doing this alone.

Following a different path.

While there were plenty of tears and emotional break downs in that past few weeks, I’m so pleased to finally be doing this move with J. We’ve been talking about the idea of moving for a while now but never thought we would actually do it and do it this soon. People expect us to follow the path of a wedding, house, kids and settle down. But we thought about it and realized we’re both at point in our lives were we have the freedom to do what we want with it.

Our money was ours to spend and spend wisely. Yes, we bought a home together but it was mutual investment towards our future. But we’ve never been the type to follow the path society expects for a couple. Our happiness and well-being was becoming more and more of a priority. For J, it meant a being with his family and friends back home in England and a career path that led to less stress. For me, it meant exploring the world as much as I can while I can. For us, it meant changing our lives together for the better doing the unconventional thing. So we’re taking that our hard earned pennies and investing in our happiness in another way, that best way we can possibly make it.

Eventually Living the Dream.

Moving to London was a dream of mine since my early 20s. I can’t believe I am going to live my dream in my 30s. I never thought it would be a possibility since it is expensive city and a different world from what I know. But this year, I promised myself to try new things and face fears head on in order to experience life’s greatest opportunities. I’ve lived up until now just doing what was expected of me in order to be successful but success comes in so many different forms. Success to me is being truly satisfied with the memories I am about to gain and the stories I will have to tell.

I can’t wait to share this journey with my followers and document all useful information for those who I may have inspired on the way!



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