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Exploring Muskoka [Being a Tourist in my Own Country]

in Gravenhurst, Muskoka

Escape from the Concrete Jungle.

Somedays, J and I like taking long drives to other parts of this beautiful province (Ontario). We live deep in the heart of downtown Toronto so we’re constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city life. Even though we are both city folks and we wouldn’t give up our lives to move into a dull suburban borough in the Greater Toronto Area, we do really enjoy exploring the countryside such as Muskoka.

When you’re often faced with busybodies, rushing cards or people always walking hastily pass you, it’s tempting to always want a quiet moment away from it all. The beauty of living in Toronto is you’re only a couple of hours away from cottage life. Camping trips are easily accessible and often a great go to idea for short weekend “stay-cations”. Here are some photos from a random road trip we took to Muskoka

Lattes + Hair trim? (So Canadian. Only in Muskoka).

Muskoka, the “Hamptons” of Canada. When you hear Muskoka, you are probably immediately thinking “lifestyle of the rich and famous” – well, you’re not incorrect. But I challenge that thought and say my immediate impression of Muskoka was “asleep”.  Albeit, it was the winter and almost all attractions were closed for the season. Muskoka isn’t just the lively cottage country you know it to be. It also has a calmer, quiet and sober side. It was serene and delicate while it was cover with sheets of twinkling ice.

First we stopped by a cool looking cafe/barber (Tea Beards) – I know, two unlikely combinations in one place. You can enjoy a hot cup of Joe while you wait for your hair trimming appointment. We were obviously just there for the delicious drinks as it was the middle of winter and our bodies needed something to warm it up. We ordered a regular Americano (for J) and the best tasting London Fog. This honestly beats any place for London Fog. It was amazing! For my British readers, a London Fog is an Earl Grey tea bag in a warm milk latte

This place was reminiscent of any millennial’s child hood. The place gave a hip and unapologetic vibe. As the business model entails, there were no rules to the decor either. It was all sort of memorabilias of the past meshed together in a somewhat organized chaos. My eyes wandered for days as I tried to make sense of things. Old with a touch of new (read- Ikea lampshade) and unusual. Thorough enjoyed staring out the window for a few moments.



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