6ix Eats

Eating in the 6ix.

Since I live in “The 6ix” (Toronto slang for our city), I often get asked for restaurant recommendations *insert humble brag here*. I never thought of myself as an expert in this area but I can confidently say that I love when someone else has cooked for me and I don’t have to wash any dishes. I’ve been living in the City of Toronto for just over 2 years; and while I’ve grown accustomed to Mississauga’s plethora of multicultural cuisine,  this city has opened up my palette to so many different flavours.

Toronto has the best of every world – the exotic, the strange, the obscure, the bold and sprinkled with a bit of every nation’s true roots. Living in this amazing city had elevated my cooking skills and taste for that extra something in my meals.

So, while I babble on about how much I love my city. Here are a few must go to places in the GTA and elsewhere

(I’ll elaborate a bit more when I am not stuck trying to do my day job *happy face*)


King West/Downtown Core

Gusto 101 – Mushroom Pasta and $1/oz house wine. If it’s your first time there, don’t even bother ordering anything else. You must try this first.
Home of the Brave – Buffalo Cauliflower … this changed our lives.
Pai – anything….anything on their menu
Porcetta – If you’re feeling a crispy skinned pork sandwich with spicy mustard and truffle sauce. This is your place
Lee Restaurant – THAT SLAW
Canoe – This place has won my heart back. If it’s pay day and you wanna ball out, take that fine date of yours and go here.
The Chase – seafood heaven
The Shore Club – BUCK A SHUCK Y’all!! Their Happy Hour is perfection! $5 to $7 drinks. Fries with truffle mayo!
La Carnita – Mexican Street Corn!
Patria – beautiful Paella
Oddsoeul – Bulgogi Philly Cheesesteak!
Bang Bang Ice cream – if you could think of a strange flavour, they will likely have it !
The Saint – Good food using fresh local ingredients
Hawker bar – amazing amazing duck!
Queen West
Smoque ‘n’ Bones – Service is a bit slow but sit at the bar because you will likely get a free sample of something
Tibet Kitchen – those momos!
OM Restaurant – I love my hakka
416 Snack Bar – everything. Try everything. You’ll likely spend about $100 for two people but you’ll leave trying the entire menu. Everything is in the range of $5 – $12 per plate.
Saku Sushi – hands down my faourite sushi place!
Sansotei Ramen – Favourite ramen in the city!
Kensington Market
Seven Lives – tacos!
Liberty Village
The Craft – Good prices for beers and cider. Filipino/Latin/Indian twist to their menu. Garlic Fried Rice during brunch? Heaven. Oh and their Blueberry dutch oven pancake -yum!
Local – Go in spending almost nothing, come out happy and full
Foodliner – seafood pros
The Borough – British Gastropub. Mini yorkshire puddings guys!
Messini – Classic Greek take away
Greenwood Smokehouse – Best smokehouse in the city! Hands down. Try and get a seat in the back patio. It’s like having a BBQ over at your friend’s home.
BAM! – Breakfast & Lunch Bistro. Check out the Collossal breakfast …. you’ll see why I love this place
O sushi – really good sushi for less!
Lady Marmalade – if you have the patience to line up.
Bonjour Brioche
Parliament/Distillery District
Gloryhole – I swear they put something in that homemade ketchup. I am addicted to it!! Really good Breakfast
Cooper’s Pub – Cheap wing nights!
168 Sushi – Still my favourite AYCE
Sushi Tei – Great service and amazing salmon sashimi bento box…sashimi for days!
Iron Chef – Freshest sushi I’ve ever had
Lazeez Shawarma – yes I was an Osmows lover for a while until I had Lazeez’s version of Chicken on the Rocks!
Pho Mi 99 – My go-to Pho restaurant in the city. Quick service and still remains to keep their prices low.
Wang’s – Amazing Hakka. Cripsy Honey Shredded Lamb = to die for. I hate lamb.. so pretyy bold statement.
L’Auberge de France (Belleville) – I dream of this place always. The Brioche French toast was to die for